A Dose of Daydreaming does the body good. (Home of the Nine Minute Savasana).

What is it that you find yourself day dreaming about the most? That idea or goal that comes back to you again and again. It scares you a little bit to think about actually doing IRL, but in your minds eye you see it clear as day and it is successful, beautiful, empowering.

Go ahead and flex your daydreaming muscles. New research (ref) suggests that it’s good for us. The structured kind of daydreaming that has a touch of realism to it has shown to increase creativity, problem solving and greater productivity in adults. And daydreaming can give us mental practice for pursuing important goals before we have to invest any real time or effort. I DIG IT!

For me, it’s a studio space of my own. A place to hold all of my creativity. A space to create a movement, movement.

“Novels begin, not on the page, but in meditation and day-dreaming - in thinking, not writing.”

- Joyce Carol Oates.


A quick list of ingredients for my dream multi-use yoga studio:

1. Non dogmatic modern vinyasa yoga
2. Meditation for busy, exhausted humans 3. Functional, fun movement
4. Modern dance
5. High sturdy ceilings to swing/hang from
6. Restorative yoga

7. Teacher support group discussions 8. Guest teachers and workshops
10. Donation based offerings
11. Ritual.
12. Extensive unorthodox prop wall
13. Lavender oil and smudge sticks
14. Rose quartz and hella black tourmaline
15. Fellow teachers whose mission is kindness, openness, growth, education, connection
16. A curious and diverse community that values movement and sees it as a way to build a more sustainable, integrated (and badass) life.

Onward and upward we go in 2019 - via our favorite most cherished daydream.