A List of Things to do Instead of "Listen To Your Body."

Mouthful ahead.

“Listen to your body” has become a platitude in the wellness industry offered in passing with no real instruction on what it means or how to do it. Here you are on your yoga mat trying to translate the hundreds of signals you’re receiving from your body while also listening to the teacher and trying to keep up with the showcase of flexibility around you. 🤯


It’s now when studios are overflowing with people more than any other time of the year that I clearly hear the through lines in my teaching - beyond the movement or asana we’re working on. New to yoga people, I’m sorry it’s like this. Seasoned practitioners, be willing to break your identity with perfection on the mat and taking everything to the edge + some.


▪️To do less.

▪️To not get it all done today.

▪️To look silly, to wobble, to lose it.

▪️To find, learn, practice movement that serves and sustains you.

▪️To support/accept your practice. AS. IS.

▪️To work with incremental rather than wholesale change in your movement practice - it’s called a practice after all.