Yoga for shoulders and spine

Go-to yoga movement to help relieve the body tightness of travel. Props to use: a yoga strap/belt, a yoga block, bolster or rolled up towel and the floor.


Shoulder Flossing

Hold the yoga strap/belt in each hand. Arms straight. Raise your arms over head and lower behind to you. Repeat several times. Breathe. Move slow. Targets front of chest (pecs) and mobility in shoulders and upper back.


Cat Cow Pose

From a tabletop position (hands and knees) arch and round your spine. A very simple but effective movement. Add in lateral (side to side) spine movement by turning your head and looking behind you towards your feet - R and L of course. Move intuitively, breathe.


Sphinx Pose

Laying on the floor. Prop up onto your elbows and forearms. Draw shoulders down your back. Lengthen lift through your chest and head. Breathe. If tender in the low back area, simply walk your arms further out in front of you. Focus here on breathing fully into belly and back.


Reclined shoulder and chest opener

Lay on the floor. Use either a yoga block, a very firm pillow or thick rolled up towel. Place north/south length of your spine. Pelvis stays on the floor. Upper body/torso lays on prop. Arms out wide to your side or interlaced behind head for support of the neck. This is a passive stretch, but can be intense. Breathe. Stay as long as feels comfortable starting out with shorter amounts of time and then building towards staying longer.

Restorative bridge pose and Legs up a wall

Not pictured, but similar to above. Lay on floor. Use either yoga block, or something firm like a billow or rolled up towel. Place east/west under your hips/tailbone. Hips will be elevated. Upper body and shoulders and upper spine will be on the floor. Direct your breathing towards your belly. From there you can hug one knee into chest while other leg lengthens down straight. R then L of course. Then hug both knees in to chest while hips stay elevated on block. Legs up a wall to finish or end of day before bed. Exactly how it sounds. Find a wall or simply lay on floor and extend legs above head. This works nice with hips elevated on block, pillow, towel.