Getting Stronger Fixes a Ton of Shit

Below is a post I made on Instagram a few weeks ago. It’s become my most liked post ever. It’s not elaborate. it’s not even me doing a yoga pose. I think it resonates with people, because yoga is changing and we’re starting to see how valuable strength and stability are. There can be a lot of pressure on yoga to be this one perfect practice that provides us everything from physical exercise, stress relief and healing. It’s not and it doesn’t have to be. Check it out.


Hey humans and humans who practice yoga asana “getting stronger fixes a ton of shit.” Plain and simple. Adding external load has been a game changer for me, a health and wellness changer. As much as I love yoga it is not a complete, fix it all discipline. We need more than stretching. Your brain, nervous system, everything that makes up the body you cruise around in thrives on diversity.

All the things I like to do and ways I like to move are better, because I started doing things like dead lifts and back squats. The breathing is different, so is the bracing. It’s not in my wheelhouse. I’m a beginner and still learning technique, but everything in my body feels more resilient because of it. The nagging low back pain that would only subside temporarily is completely gone.

It doesn’t have to be vein popping heavy. Just start lifting something beyond your morning coffee/green juice.
In yoga we use our body and the floor to move. We’re moving our body and our body is a heavy weight. Foundational strength, the kind we get from from squatting and lifting things (that weigh less than our body) sets us up to be capable of all the movement we wan to explore on the yoga mat.

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