Happy Half New Year.

 July 1st (the 182nd day of the year) marks the second half of this 2018 year. Maybe it's my Libra sun sign, but I've always appreciated the balance I find when occupying middle spaces (on and off the yoga mat). I like halfway occasions, be it the passage of time or that middle somewhere range of a yoga pose. It often gets overlooked, but the middle for me is a place I find after the newness of something wears off and experience scoops in to inform. It’s a good place.

Rather than waiting till next January 1st, when the pressure is on, take this halfway point to check in with yourself and see what you need from the second half of your year. Decide that you don't need to fix or change anything and try out the idea of sankalpa

A sankalpa practice starts from the radical premise that you are already who you need to be to fulfill your life's dharma (purpose). 

Use it to identify a limiting belief and transform it into a liberating belief. Forgive or forget the new years resolution your'e not living up to and honor the space you're in now. 

Sankalpa originates from your heart and mind rather than from fads/current societal expectations. Sankalpa is a statement, word or a feeling. Let it bubble up while you're doing your yoga practice or meditation or walk in the park. Find it from a feeling-state rather than a thinking-state. 

Create a new neuropathway. Fire and wire. Try this:

Allow yourself to feel whatever negativity or heaviness there is. Consider what it would feel like to release it. Then give yourself permission to forgive or forget it. Create the endocrine cocktail for letting go - surrendering the unnecessary. That chemical release pattern is real if you believe it.

Happy Half New Year. So mote it be. ;) 

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