Love and Gratitude: Cincinnati Bridal Yoga

It's February 2018!

This marks a few notable occasions that I'm celebrating with this blog post - It's the month of love with Valentine's Day and the beginning of what has become known as wedding season. For me, it also marks four years since I started Cincinnati Bridal Yoga! 

CBY was my first leap into entrepreneurialism that began when my dear friend Mer Hogan gave me the support and freedom to dream storm in her beautiful studio, The Shakti Factory. Stacy Sims advised the look and layout of branding and provided her word wizarding on the first website launch. I would not be the movement educator/yoga boss woman I am today without their supportive space-holding.

There were plenty of no-show classes and "cricket" responses to advertising offers, but I learned to own my identity as a teacher and a small business owner. I refined my approach, I grew and cut my teeth on what I love to do - which is teach movement and create unique yoga events. 

since then my community has grown and so have my offerings. Cincinnati Queer Yoga was born, followed by aerial yoga and of course TRISHA.YOGA which encompasses them all. I had the perfect incubator of love and support at The Shakti Factory. It was one of those, "what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" experiences. Dream-storming at its best. It was (without knowing) the jumping in point for so much of the work I've since created and refined. 

Below is a reprisal of an interview I did for Weddings By Maura that digs into what CBY is. Cheers to four years of beautiful brides restoring their bliss with BRIDAL YOGA.

What inspired you to start Cincinnati Bridal Yoga?
I started Cincinnati Bridal Yoga after planning my own wedding and wishing that I could have someone create and guide me and my closest friends in a beautiful yoga class before the wedding. I wanted other brides to be able to experience that.

Tell us about your background.
Well, when I’m not practicing or teaching yoga I’m creating content for workshops, teacher trainings and planning yoga events around Cincinnati. I’ve been a mover my whole life. Previously a dancer with the Dayton Ballet and currently as an independent artist that collaborates with various movement practitioners around the country.

Why should a bride consider practicing yoga on her wedding day?
Oh there are so many reasons! Your wedding is the happiest day of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful – from the long planning process to the pressure to please everyone. Yoga can help reduce wedding day stress so that you can slow down and enjoy and remember every moment of your big day. Yoga is known to reduce anxiety, boost happiness and of course give you better posture and confidence.

Is Cincinnati Bridal Yoga appropriate for yogis of all levels or people who have never done it before?
Cincinnati Bridal Yoga is accessible to all levels of people – even those who have never done yoga. Many of our brides and their guests are a mixed levels group and we accommodate that so everyone can participate and benefit from the experience. And what better time to try yoga for the first time than your wedding?

Do you practice a particular type of yoga? Hatha, restorative, etc?
We offer a variety of styles – everything from gentle yoga, partner yoga, to an active vinyasa flow. Once a client books a class we work with them on everything from the music playlist to the style of yoga.  We let the bride choose the style of yoga that she wants for her bridal yoga class. The most popular is a gently restorative class that helps everyone connect with their breath and feel more present in their body.

Does CBY have a studio where you meet or do you meet brides somewhere else?
Both! Cincinnati Bridal Yoga holds its classes at variety of places around Cincinnati including, Elemental Om. The studio has everything guests might need such as extra yoga mats and blocks. We will also meet brides at their location of choice – whether it’s their home, or reception space.

Do you only practice in the immediate Cinci area or do you travel?
Most of our clients are within the Greater Cincinnati area, but destination bridal yoga can be arranged.

Are there other events brides can have CBY help with other than their wedding day?
Yes, although wedding day yoga is the most popular, we also do yoga classes for bridal showers, and blissful bachelorette parties.

Do you have any advice for brides and grooms?
As a long time yogi and newlywed, my advice to brides and grooms is to always return to the breath. When there’s that feeling of overwhelm turn your awareness inward to notice your breathing. It works every time.

Contact me to plan your yoga party/event/bridal yoga and I'll get right back.

 More about Cincinnati Bridal Yoga here.