A Few Words About Movement

Your body is interested in the movement not the method.

- Kayleigh Miller 

This got me thinking about all the ways we move in the world and how your body really doesn't care what kind of movement you do so long as you move it. However you choose to move know that movement isn't reserved for just when you're at a studio or gym, or on a mat/piece of equipment. Movement IS life and all of it counts! Even the movement you do on the living room floor.


Be the architect and the artist of whatever your favorite movement practice is. For me, that in short is what makes yoga, yoga. Not tradition, guru, history or antiquity. 

Just a couple of years ago if someone would have ask me what a yoga pose should look like - where the leg or pelvis should be for example, I would have a clear and precise answer, but now when I'm asked about the shape of a pose I no longer have a simple answer. I start my response off with, "it depends." Because, It depends on so many things. What is it you are trying to do in said pose? Does your body move in a way that let's you square the hips without exploiting other body parts down the chain? No? Then don't square your hips in that pose. Does said pose create pain, especially in joint spaces? Then don't do that. Be the architect and the artist of your practice. Rather than creating shapes, create movement that fortifies and supports your bones, ligaments, cartilage and muscles so you can move more skillfully. So much depends on the individual and in the end the aesthetic matters less than what it feels like. 

Move well

Move smart

Move better, move more, move mindfully.

Just move and do yoga that serves YOU.