Just do you (and all is coming). Why I'm choosing a mantra instead of a resolution this year.

Just do you. That's my mantra for 2018. Instead of a new year resolution I'm choosing a manta or short phrase to repeat to help keep me focused on what matters most - and this year that's me. I want to dedicate more time to the things that support my growth and fulfillment in both work and home life. Or to put it another way: There are so many things to distract us from the meaningful, beautiful present moment! Adopting a mantra will help bring me back to what nourishes me most - movement, family, steady consistent effort in the direction of my dreams. 

I was inspired by Pattabhi Jois  who was known for answering his students questions by saying, "practice and all is coming."  I've always loved this answer because it's a broad brush stroke that can apply to many things in a modern life. Sure it applies to my yoga practice, but there are lots of other things I like and need to practice. Self-love anyone? Time management, making your little corner of the world a better safer place, less phone time scrolling FB, that thing that sets your heart a blaze with happiness - practice and all is coming!  

Whether you set a new year resolution or not, chances are you are looking at 2018 with fresh hope for how it can be better than your last. Consider what you want or need for your 2018 and then craft a mantra to help remind you of where to place your energy this year. Allow your mantra to be broad enough that it will encompass the many ways you plan to find fulfillment or success in 2017. Wiggle room is good, it allows for less stress than line by line resolutions. Let your success be a journey rather than a goal. Here's what I'm coming back to when life is a struggle: 

Don’t walk through the world looking for evidence that you don’t belong…because you will always find it. Don’t walk through the world looking for evidence that you’re not enough…’cause you’ll always find it. Our worth and our belonging are not negotiated with other people. We carry those inside our hearts. And so, for me, I know who I am. I’m clear about that. And…I’m not going to negotiate who I am with you. Because, then, I may fit in for you, but I no longer belong to myself. And that is a betrayal I am not willing to do anymore. - Brene Brown

Welcome to 2018! Take a deep breath, be here for yourself and whisper your wisely chosen mantra.

Mantras > Resolutions. XOT


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